Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sweet Potato Sunrise

This juice is BIG on (Beta-Carotene-Vitamin A) and Vitamin C, but the key to making it requires a little planning ahead and patience.  Sweet potatoes contain a lot of starch and you really don't want to be drinking a thick chalky substance.  So you need to juice it first and let the juice sit for about an hour so that the starch settles to the bottom of the glass.  The pure juice that rises to the top is mildly sweet with a beautiful orange color that you can now mix with other ingredients.

In addition to carrots I added an orange to the sweet potato elixir, but as soon as cantaloupe comes into season I will be substituting out the orange.  I also added ginger--good for digestion and fresh turmeric root which aids in anti-inflammatory.  A perfect start to any morning!

1 medium-large sweet potato or yam, peeled
3 carrots
1 medium orange, peeled
1" piece of fresh ginger
1" piece of fresh turmeric (optional)

Make sure you peel your sweet potato before juicing.  It will just taste better and give you a brighter juice.  I let the juice sit in the fridge for about an hour and then carefully skimmed off the juice (about 1 cup) without disturbing the chalky sediment on the bottom.  I then juiced all my other ingredients and stirred in the sweet potato.



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