Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Going Vegan...The Best Decision Ever!

Four year ago to this very day I switched to a Vegan Diet.  It has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my life!  When I started my journey I was 25 pounds overweight, my cholesterol was 260 and I had prehypertension, not to mention lots of joint problems from inflammation.  Today my weight is a stable 125 pounds (I never diet), my cholesterol is 190, my blood pressure is 114/73 and I have no joint pain anywhere.  The health benefits of eating a plant-based diet have been amazing for me and I will never ever, ever go back to eating any other way!

I started my Vegan journey for health reasons, but it soon became apparent that there was something bigger and more important out there than me--the animals who suffer every single day of their lives because they have been turned into a horrible commodity for human consumption.  I think about them all the time and my husband and I try to do our part in supporting organizations who try to help these animals and to end their suffering.  

I am also very conscience about what products I purchase.  I don't buy leather, down, wool, silk, or use cosmetics, personal care or cleaning products that contain animal products or that are tested on animals. Some people may feel that my diet/lifestyle is very limiting and constrictive, but I feel the opposite.  I live a full and wonderful life and feel great about my choices.  

I switched to a Vegan Diet to save myself, but I am thankful that I am able to do my small part in helping the animals and also our environment with one meal or dish at a time!  Wishing and yours a very healthy, happy, prosperous and Vegan Delicious 2014! 


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