Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Raspberry-Toasted Walnut Scones

I mentioned in a previous post that I would most likely have a few disasters with gluten-free baking.  Well, these Raspberry-Toasted Walnut Scones could of turned out really bad, but actually they were quite good.  I forgot to add the walnuts to the recipe...duh!  I realized it after the scones were formed and ready to go into the oven and so I just sprinkled walnuts on top.  So I'm not certain how the walnuts would of affected the taste or texture.  Regardless of the walnut omission, the recipe still needs to be tweaked.  The scones need to be sweeter and I'm still not sold on Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free A/P flour.  I can taste a slight hint of garbanzo beans even though I used a combination of different flours (Bob's a/p, g-f oat flour and brown rice flour).  Oh well, back to the kitchen for Rev 2.0!


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